growing light

Awesome Festival

2013 saw Little Carrot step into a new role for Awesome Festival.

Bec became the Lead Artist for Creative Challenge, a regional

residency program that culminates in an exhibition showcasing

work of children from around Western Australia. The exhibition

is a small part of Awesome Festival, an international children’s

festival, held in Perth in October.


Bec’s theme was called This Little Light, encouraging children

to explore light through many art forms and mediums. Bec travelled

to two residencies out of twelve, Gascoyne Junction and Kalgoorlie.

Gathering photo documentation from all twelve residencies, Bec

decided on a common theme of travel and the idea of suitcase

lanterns was born. Six large scale suitcases were created, each side

representing one of the communities that artists from Creative Challenge

live and work in for two weeks between May and September.


Half papered frame


Ready to Paint















Paraburdoo painted.

















Kalgoorlie suitcase.


















Gascoyne Junction detail

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