growing light

Joondalup Twilight Lantern Parade

Work for Joondalup Festival began late 2012 when Bec and her two

colleagues Lewis Horne and Dimity Magnus started creating festooning

lanterns to dress the festival site. They also ran adult lantern making workshops

as part of an Arts In Focus program in Joondalup.

Dimity went on to create the head for the Wargyl (snake) puppet

while Lewis created the body.

Wargyl JoondalupLanternParade22

Lewis also became Bec’s copilot

for the School Workshop season in the lead up to the parade.

In 20 workshops over 13 days in 6 schools Bec and Lewis made 500  lanterns.

JoondalupLanternParade10 Somewhere in there Bec made

a large Djoondool spirit woman puppet who features

alongside the Wargyl in a local Nyoongar story about Lake Joondalup.


Hundreds of school children

and community groups

came together

on the night for a

beautiful parade.

Here’s a link to a Marc Ash film about Joondalup Festival.

And a link to JemCreatives’ film of the Parade.

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